Merry Christmas!

I didn’t send cards this year. So I want each of you to know that I wish you the merriest of Christmases, happiest of Hannukahs, the best of winter solstices, the happiest of new years and any other holiday, happening or observation that you celebrate.

I love winter solstice. From that day till the summer solstice, each day has just a little more daylight until it’s light after 9 pm! I enjoy the peace of this winter time. I enjoy the snow. I enjoy the hibernation. I equally enjoy the promise of spring. I enjoy the wonder of nature. I enjoy the patience of the seasons. I enjoy the anticipation of my garden, return of the farmer’s market and return of the early sunrise.

My favorite day of this holiday season is today. I’ve always loved Christmas Eve. I think it’s the anticipation. I love having the gifts wrapped, the meal planned, the house looking beautiful. Everyone here — including Kerrianne. And being ready to celebrate the day. The moment. The time.

“God bless us, everyone.” — Tiny Tim and Kerrianne Wolf.


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