What a difference a Butch makes!


I’m glad I felt well today. This past week has been a roller coaster. Here’s the deal. Chemo kills all of your fast-growing cells including the cancer, but also hair, nails, stomach lining, etc. For me, it wrecked my intestines. Just wiped it all out. Which isn’t good for doing things like eating and digesting food — which are kind of important. The thing is, in the Western medical community, the oncologist just wants you to stop the diarrhea. Now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just take Imodium, ad nauseum (literally). I was directed to take a double dose the first time, then a single dose every two hours for 12 hours, till night time, then double doses every four hours. Continuing until it stops for 24 hours. Well, it works like a charm! If you don’t care about feeling like crap. The nausea that ensued, coupled with the rumbling and distended abdomen, were enough to lay me up all day — all week! The problem is that Imodium just stops the problem but it doesn’t fix it. The problem will return when the medicine is discontinued. I was a wreck about mid week. I had a BP of 78/58, was dehydrated and I couldn’t think of a single food that I wanted to try.

Enter Butch. Remember him? He’s my PCP with mad Eastern medicine skillz. He’s got me on the road to recovery! With the help of acupuncture, prebiotics, probiotics, high-dose digestion-friendly herbs, nutrition advice and recipes we recolonized my lower intestines!! I am eating three meals a day and feeling well enough to do the exercise bike for an hour and go shopping!

Tomorrow morning, I go back to see Butch for more acupuncture and an adjustment of my herb dose. I’m feeling much more confident that we have the problem managed, and I will be able to get my next treatment later this month.

I went out of the house today for the first time in a week! (for something other than a doctor’s appointment.) It may not have been glamorous, but it felt like an extravaganza! Staples, Target, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage and a bibb/quinoa salad from Larkburger.

I got brand new, clean, fresh, unspoiled 2015 calendars. I love, love, love new calendars! They’re so full of possibilities. And I bought a particularly pretty one this time. No waterfalls and kittens, just a pretty design in a calming color with lots and lots of blank pages. And a desk pad. Yes, I still use a desk pad. I also got a new vanity seat for my bathroom. My old one shit the bed. Actually, the screws just fell out of the legs on one side, but they’re funky little screws that are seemingly one of a kind so I have been unable to replace them. Every time I reach for something on that end of the counter, I end up on my keister. Today, enough was enough!

Kerrianne went home on Friday after being here for almost two weeks. It wasn’t the usual kind of Christmas trip she spends here, but it was great for me to have her here to help. She cooked, cleaned, drove my butt around, took Aspen shopping and for lunch and nails, played Hangman with Zach, and delighted us with her new year’s dance. KA, I have a gift to send you that I got today, so don’t buy yourself anything till you get it, K? Thank you for everything!


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