Fish and rice and vegetables.


That’s what I eat. But sometimes I get wacky and eat vegetables and fish and rice! Sometimes it’s salmon, others it’s cod or halibut. I know it’s very good for me and normally I really like all of these things. I’ve been having these foods because they’ve been incredibly calming, nourishing and easily digested. But enough is enough — lately I’ve been having them even for breakfast. I’m dying for some meat!

I saw Butch this morning and he said I could try to eat some meat. Particularly if it’s slow cooked and I have a few ounces at a time. He said my digestive energy is good. He gave me some vegan protein shakes to drink and started me on some herbs in preparation for my second round of infusions on Thursday. He also wants me to come back on Thursday right after my infusions for another acupuncture session to calm things down right away.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight. Not a ton, but enough that Butch wants me to start eating more nut butters and stir fry my vegetables in olive oil for some plant-based fats. I’m still eating the stewed apple recipe he gave me and am able to eat an uncooked banana. But, man! I could definitely go for a slow cooked pot roast with carrots. Perhaps tomorrow. It’s a little late to start that now.

Butch said that he’s not going to be too strict with my diet during this process, it’s all about what I will tolerate and keeping my weight, blood pressure and energy up. With one exception, “No crap.” I assured him that crap is not normally part of my diet so that is not a problem.

On my way out, he gave me a hug and told me that this is a finite amount of time and he’ll help me through it. Then he complimented my new fuzzy blue Columbia jacket. How could I not love this man??


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