I’m going to party like it’s April 9!

I’ve been waiting for April 9 so long, I thought it would never get here. But time always marches on. Just three days away from my last treatment. I saw Butch for acupuncture this morning and he said that next week, we will start working on strengthening me for my surgery.

I want to ride my bicycle

I did make it out for a bike ride yesterday. It felt so good. I went only five miles, but I have to start somewhere! It was a gorgeous day, and I took some great pictures at Bear Creek Lake Park. Butch would like me to start doing more weight lifting. And I understand why, but it’s not as much fun as being outside. I’m trying to be a good patient.

20150405_132345 20150405_134142 20150405_134334 20150405_135834 20150405_142630

My garden

I’m ready to plant my seeds. I have a set up of a full spectrum light, heating pad and bright window location ready for my seedlings. I’m going to plant them tomorrow. They will be ready to plant in 6 to 8 weeks. And my garden patch is underway! Phase one is complete. Now, Michael is removing rocks and with the help of Zach, will till and add good soil.


Relay for Life

I mentioned in my last post that Aspen is participating in Relay for Life, and I gave our mailing address for sending donations. If you’re interested in donating, and it’s more convenient to do so online, below is the link to her page. Donations are tax deductible.



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