One third finished!

As of this morning’s treatment, I am one third finished with radiation treatment. I’ll have 30 treatments in all. So that means I’ve completed 10.

I have decided to do an extra five days of treatment known as “scar boost.” This part of treatment will focus specifically on the scar area and the skin a few centimeters around it. This is where the majority of recurrences happen. The reason for the “boost” word in the title is because the amount of radiation delivered is increased.

So far, I feel just fine. No different from normal. In fact, I feel a little better every day. I’m regaining my range of motion, my stamina and muscle tone. My weight is back to where it was prior to this diagnosis. (I lost about 10 during chemo). I do yoga every day, at least once. And I walk to help reset my cardiovascular fitness.

I have a routine every morning: wake up, turn on the Tour de France, watch for a while from bed. Then I get up and do yoga on my mat in front of the TV, have breakfast, make the bed, etc. till the end of the stage, then I get ready for radiation. I KNEW there was a reason I liked the 10:45 time slot — NBCSN shows the Tour from 5-10am! I can’t have a disruption in my cycling coverage. It worked out quite nicely!


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