Change: the only thing that’s consistent

Just a little news on the personal front. We will be moving to Charlotte, NC, this summer. Last year, Michael took a job with a Georgia-based company but at the end of 2015, an executive search firm reached out to Michael with a fantastic career opportunity that he decided to explore. Yadda, yadda, yadda… we’re moving to Charlotte!

The company is called Kruss and is based in Hamburg, Germany. They are newly emergent in the US and Canada and plan to grow in this region of the world. Therefore, they needed an Executive VP of US and Canadian Operations. Enter Michael.

He’s very excited about this opportunity, as am I. I will finally get to travel to Germany and get some practice in speaking what I’ve learned. (My next step is to convince Michael that we need a vacation house in Munich). 😉

Our timeline for moving remains the same. We will finish out the school year here and then make the move over the summer as the pieces fall into place with selling and buying a house.

Zach is on board with the move. At first, he shook his head at us and told Michael that he needed to make up his mind. Then a few days later, he said he thought about it and “rearranged his mind” so Charlotte is fine, not as good as Germany, but fine. 🙂

Aspen is planning to stay in Colorado for college no matter where we move, so she is fine with it as well.

I am looking forward to the change. I do love Colorado, but I’m sure I would love a lot of places. One thing I do miss about the east coast is rain. I miss October rains when the leaves are on the ground and the fragrance of leaves and worms is in the air. Yes, worms. I miss worms. I’m also excited to be able to grow things again, like a garden, landscaping, fingernails and my hair. The humidity and rain will do wonders for those things.

Of course there are many things I will miss about Colorado, but I’ll be back. Aspen will be here in college (somewhere) and I have friends and other family here. Plus, Zach loves to snowboard. So there will be plenty of trips back to the Centennial State.

I’m wondering what we’ll be called in the Queen City? Charlatans? 🙂

Since I’ve known about the move, I’ve been researching all our new haunts. In addition to high schools, that includes: yoga studios, hair salons, craft breweries, tae kwon do schools, hockey leagues, volleyball leagues, School of Rock and (maybe most importantly) concert venues. I will miss Red Rocks, but I will come back for concerts. It looks like Charlotte has a pretty robust music scene. So I’m happy about that.

Grand Champion

Over the weekend, Zach competed in The Yom Chi Colorado State Championship 2016 at Horizon High School. He competed in patterns, breaking and sparring. He got first place medals in patterns and breaking. In sparring, he got a third place medal. This all added up to him being in a three-way tie for Grand Champion of the tournament! We were so happy for him! He works very hard at his martial arts practice.

Last week, he got braces. So, it’s been quite a month for him! Here’s a pic of him with his first medal and his metal (which are causing soreness and testing his mettle!)






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