Just ’cause

smiling wolf

There’s a musical artist named Vance Joy that I enjoy a lot. Every one of his songs has been a hit with me. That’s not his real name; it’s a name he chose when he became a musician. It’s the name of a character in a book that he likes. When I heard that, I thought, “What a great way to choose a stage name!”

Today while listening to the radio, the local DJ was talking about Vance being in town to perform a Garage Session and how he had previously been a lawyer who passed the bar, then a professional soccer player and now a musician of world renown.

I knew I liked this guy. Not because he’s famous. But because he’s following his heart. I’m guessing that people might’ve given him flak for leaving a stable career to play professional soccer. And then probably raised eyebrows again when he decided to launch a music career. But I love it!

That’s what life is for. It’s to figure out what makes you happy. And maybe many things make you happy. So go — try them ALL! Be a professional soccer playing singing lawyer. Whatever floats your boat.

I think that there’s an antiquated thought that life isn’t meant to be all fun and games. It’s serious business. Responsibility. Duty.

I call bullshit.

Is there a time to be serious and responsible? Of course. But what we really need in this world is more people who are happy. Happiness is contagious. Happiness spreads like water under a door. It gets into all those little places you didn’t even know it could go. And in turn, it makes more happy people. And so on and so on. Just like Faberge Organics Shampoo.

I was talking with a friend today about creating a life wherein he’s following his passion. I applaud that. I admire it. To give up decades of work, education and effort in one field to pursue something that is risky but fun, uncertain but fulfilling, difficult but rewarding shows a lot of character and chutzpah. I admire Michael for the same reason. He pursues what will make him happy.

I’m not saying that you can’t be happy on a traditional career path or in the same job for many years. Many people are quite happy and fulfilled. Sadly, many people are not. It’s about what makes YOU happy. Not what pleases your parents, your spouse or even your own ideas about doing what’s expected.

It’s OK to leave a stable and completely uninteresting job in order to try something new then to realize it’s not what you thought it would be. Go do something else!

There’s no wasted time and effort in finding your bliss.

To me, it’s obvious when I’m talking with someone who is passionate about what they are doing. I’ve had people say to me, “I go to work and I go home. That’s my life.” Wow. I get it. We all need to work. But not all day, every day. Where does the happiness come in? Where is the joy?

Do something that makes your soul sing even if it isn’t what you do for your job. I read something recently that said, write down all the things you do in a day that make you happy. Do more of that.

Something I learned during cancer treatment is that I had to decide to be happy for no reason whatsoever. Because if you’re happy for a reason, that reason can go away.

I sing a lot around the house. When my friend, Enrique is here and he hears me, he’ll say, “Why so happy señorita?” I always respond, “Just ’cause!”

There are many things we can do to contribute to our happiness: sleep more, smile more, help others, do something because it feels right, eat better (that may mean eat less, it may mean eat more, it may mean choose more nourishing options), wear a bright color, dance, laugh unabashedly, be content with what is, say no, say yes, be bold, be brave, be kind.

However you do it, find your bliss.

Under contract!

Our house went on the market on Monday. By Wednesday, we were under contract! In that 48 hours, I think we had 15 showings. The market is hot here in Denver, particularly in my neighborhood.

We will close on this sale on June 7 and then head to Charlotte. We close on the purchase of our new house on June 13. Great timing for lots of reasons.

Tour of my house



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