No mud, no lotus

Lately, I’ve been going through so much mud that I thought it was time for a permanent reminder.


I thought that my rib tattoo hurt. Oh, silly girl. These hurt twice as much and took at least twice as long. Plus, I have to walk on them. I didn’t have to walk on my ribs afterward.

The pain was temporary. It’s about 48 hours after and I haven’t had any ibuprofen since this morning. I’m following my care instructions and making sure to wash and moisturize regularly.

These days, I could really use a Sparent. This is author Liz Gilbert’s word for spare parent. Mine is galavanting around Europe presently. He says he’s working. I think he’s more like “working” — you know, full half-days and all. I kid, of course. But man, I’m just about done with all the stuff that needs attended to.

There isn’t a large enough box of Calgon.

I’m ready for my giant, massive, unfathomably large sea of lotuses. Thank you very much.


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