Hello from the land of the pines

We have arrived in North Carolina!

Wow. It’s been a full couple of months. I keep thinking that the busy part is over, but new things keep popping up.

We got to North Carolina on June 9 and closed on our new house on June 10. The moving truck arrived on the 12th and we’ve been unpacking and settling in ever since.

I love our new house and our neighborhood. I have made some time to start running again. My neighborhood is pretty good for that. I can do about five miles without having to leave the ‘hood. And there’s this thing here in NC called shade. It’s provided by trees. I should really let Colorado know about it. I kind of like the reprieve it provides on a hot summer day.

I like the hot weather. We’re the crazy folks who turn on the AC only when necessary. And “necessary” is a relative term. When the humidity is low,  we are comfy with the windows open and ceiling fans on. I’m a fresh air, outdoorsy kind of girl. We’re also the crazy folks who ask to be seated on the patios of restaurants on hot days. I’m not a fan of the cranked AC indoors.

Since moving here, I’ve begun to figure things out. I can get lots of places without my GPS. I’m learning the difference between 485 Outer and Inner. I’m learning that you can’t spit without hitting a Harris Teeter. I’m learning that North Carolinians are very friendly; I’ve been welcomed to the state by just about everyone I’ve come in contact with.

I’ve been to my first yoga class. I’ve joined the YMCA. I’ve found a doctor for Zach (an eye infection moved that to the top of the list). I’ve found an orthodontist for Zach (he goes for the first time on Wednesday).

I’ve also discovered that I LOVE Earth Fare. It’s like Whole Foods, only awesome. They have lots of rare brands I need, like Schär, Beeler’s, Lily’s Chocolate and Andalou Naturals. They have a cafe, a sandwich/pizza/salad counter, bulk department, wine department and more. I’m just going to go ahead and say it… I like it more than Vitamin Cottage. Gasp! 😉

I have to say that the accent here throws me off — the truly thick, truly southern accent. When I hear it, I slip into my Larry the Cable Guy persona and feel the need to say, “Git her done.” I don’t mean to be rude, I just have never lived anywhere that it’s commonplace. I suppose it will grow on me.

I don’t mind being called “ma’am” as much as I thought I would. EVERYONE here says it: my realtor, the movers, the grocery store clerk. It actually feels kind of nice and polite.

We have checked out Zach’s school. We took a little self-guided tour and learned about the scheduling, lunch periods and enrollment requirements. Now I just have a stack of 11 forms to fill out and provide about another dozen documents for proof of immunization, age, grade completed, test scores and report cards.

Tomorrow morning, we’re going to the DMV! Yay us! Sounds like a hoot. I just renewed my license in Colorado the day before we moved. And now I’m doing it again. It just so happened that my license expired on my birthday this year, so I had to renew it before moving because bringing an expired license into another state provided a whole new set of headaches. So, after tomorrow, I will have NC plates and an NC license! That makes it official!

We’re getting some work done this week on the house. We are currently cooking on an electric range and I prefer gas, so we’re getting a gas line run so we can have a gas range. Plus, we are adding gas to the fireplace in the living room and to the patio so we can have a fire table. Later this week, a landscaping crew is coming out to remove all the pine straw that the previous owners put everywhere. I’m not a fan. It doesn’t stay in place, so it’s strewn out over the sidewalk and driveway. They’re installing dark brown mulch.

We’re also having a dining room table made. There’s a guy in Rock Hill, SC who custom makes amazing furniture. We’re going to see him tomorrow night after work.

I’ve been feeling pretty good through all of this. My only issue is that I’m not on schedule. I have been going to bed late and waking up late, which I’m not a fan of. So, I really need to get to bed now! Tschüß! Gute nacht!



One thought on “Hello from the land of the pines

  1. Be sure to let us know when you guys decide to take a little road trip on down to Florida…hint,hint! There are some Pool people down here who would love to see your smiling face! Welcome to the South!

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