Back to school


Aspen is all settled into her apartment in Denver and started classes this past Monday. She and her best friend, Maddie are roommates. They are living in a triple occupancy apartment and asked to be assigned a third roommate. Last Friday, they moved into their apartment only to find out later that night when their roommate got home that they’d been assigned to live with a 23-year-old man! I was perplexed as we were told that there was no co-ed rooming. It was indeed a mistake and they eventually corrected it. On Sunday evening, around 8 pm, they were finally moved into an apartment in a different building with a female student.

Ready to put the previous few days behind us, we got the new place set up in no time flat.

Here are some pics.

“Coming home to a place he’d never been before”

While I was in Denver, I had a little time to see some friends. I stayed with Ammie and Mike, who graciously offered me a private suite with a great view. I had the chance to have a girls afternoon with Ammie. Also, to see other friends, go to yoga, hike, get acupuncture, see my friend’s band and eat out at lots of my favorite Denver spots.

I realized after coming back to NC that I really miss Colorado. More correctly, I miss Colorado summers. They’re just so damned nice. The air is light, the sun is warm and plentiful, the trees smell sweet. I just love summer there. I am seriously thinking that we may rent a house in the mountains for a month or so every summer. I love it too much to go without.

I also miss the Denver music scene. Red Rocks, Fiddlers, all the indie venues on Colfax, even Channel 93.3. So, once I got back, I pulled out my internet radio and set it to KTCL on iHeart Radio where it will remain, henceforth and forever more. And Michael bought us some concert tickets to a show at The Fillmore here in Charlotte. It’s time to get to know Charlotte as well as I know Denver. We’re going to a Panthers pre-season game next week. And we subscribed to Charlotte Magazine.


I like going out in the city. When I lived in Colorado, I resided in the burbs and I like that very much. But I also like the city life for restaurants, games, concerts, shopping and nightlife. I think I’m both a country mouse and a city mouse.  This weekend, we’re driving up to the mountains to see what’s there. I haven’t been to the mountains of North Carolina yet. I’m ready to start exploring the rest of the state. When Kerrianne comes to visit over Labor Day, we’ll explore even more.

Zach had his high school orientation yesterday and he starts school on Monday. He got his bus assignment and is starting driver’s ed. on Sept. 6. Tonight is the first home football game and we’re going to go. I feel excited about this school. I get a really good vibe from it and the people I’ve been in contact with. Go Warriors! #gobigdub



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