Autumn is my favorite time of year. As we approach the month of November, we begin thinking about Thanksgiving. For most of us that means delicious meals and time spent with loved ones.

I’ve been making Thanksgiving a way of life for myself instead of merely an annual holiday. And I have SO much to be thankful for.

In no particular order, here are some things I’m giving thanks for now:


I have found my new oncologist in Charlotte, and I’ll tell you, she’s something else. First she’s a yogi. Upon meeting me she introduced herself by her first and last name, not “Dr. So and So.” She said it was an honor an privilege to be chosen to be part of my care. She had read my entire medical chart before we met. She had a stenographer’s notebook in which she had taken copious notes about me. But before we got into all of that, she said, “This has been a lot for you. Tell me, how are you doing? How did you handle all of this? And what do you want from our experience together?” I wanted to scoop her up and take her home with me. I’ve had “friends” who haven’t been so willing to listen and share my experience. I am so grateful that I found her. Again, it was through my own diligence that I found her. We are in the process of creating the remainder of my team. I think we’re on to something great.


First, I’m heading to Ohio for Kerrianne’s birthday soon. I’ll be spending five days there, visiting with friends and family.

And I’ve got lots of opportunity for travel in 2017. We’re booked for Breckenridge for our family ski trip. Yay!!! Colorado. Mountains. Snow. A fantastic house in the mountains outside the town. Friends who will be joining us.

Also on the radar for 2017: Cuba and Germany. My cup runneth over.

I want my Nee Nee!

Aspen is booked for her flight home on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and will be with us for a week. I’m very excited to see my baby girl. And she’ll be coming back for Christmas. And we will get to spend her birthday with her.

Wabi Sabi

I have been practicing the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi. No, I didn’t just spell wasabi wrong. This ancient world view is about perfect imperfection. It is about beauty that includes  asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.

This concept has been particularly welcomed while I’m creating our new dining room. I’ve been restoring life to some dining room furniture with my hands and arms, the natural extension of my heart. Celebrating Thanksgiving in that special place will be memorable.

Whole Life Challenge

In September, I took on an eight-week challenge to improve many areas of my life. The WLC organization provides a framework but allows for personalization. I’ve been working toward goals in the areas of health, fitness, sleep, mediation and many more personal goals that I won’t get into here. But I will say that these eight weeks have been transformative in many ways. And … I’m back to my pre-diagnosis weight. 😉


I have found my tribe. Be Yoga on Carmel Road is a welcoming and accepting place to practice. I’ve just started to scratch the surface, and I can tell there’s a lot of good here. I became a member at the beginning of October, and it’s changing my life.

Language Academy of the Carolinas

I took the German placement test, and I’m at level 3 of 6. My class starts next week and I’m very happy to begin studying with like minded people and progressing with my intention to become fluent.

Book Club

One of Be Yoga’s teachers hosts a book club after Wednesday night’s class. I’ve been reading the book to catch up and I’m rapt. I attended the first discussion this past week and I have met some soul sisters and brothers.

UNC Charlotte

I have applied to school to seek a second bachelor’s degree in German. I should be getting my acceptance letter any day now. I had a great conversation with the assistant chair of the German department who is a friend of a friend, as luck would have it. She’s enthusiastic and giving and full of ideas and information. I’m very happy to have her as my advisor, teacher, mentor and guide.


We are having some trees removed and some skylights installed to allow more light into our house. I love the privacy and the beauty but I want the entire house to be awash with sunlight. Tomorrow begins that endeavor.

We have been planning to install a pool, but I think that we might have changed our minds on that due to some other exciting plans just down the road. More on that if/when the time comes.




I had the privilege of voting for Hillary Clinton. I am a supporter of gay marriage, I’m pro-choice, I believe in background checks for gun owners and I want a Democrat appointing our Supreme Court justices.


I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with this handsome devil now that he’s the “only child.” This past weekend, we saw a movie and had dinner together. We carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. And he’s going to pass out candy with me. He’s just so damn funny and has an interesting take on things. I relish the times that we have.


I’ll be starting this again in November. I needed a break after my initial attempts in the summer proved to be a little hard on my bones. But I’ve been walking, biking, kickboxing and doing yoga to ramp up again. On Sunday, I’ll be doing the 13th annual Great Candy Run of Denver here in Charlotte. Then on Dec. 3, I will participate in Run Run Rudolph with my family and friends. This day is a special one for me, and I’m grateful to those who will be with me to share it.


I’m getting out and about. Learning the lay of the land. I’ve got the gist. I like knowing about my surroundings. I still miss the absolute shit out of Denver. But I am finding interesting things to do in Charlotte.


Back in November of 1993, Michael and I had our first date. A blind one, at that. In a few days, we’ll be celebrating 23 years of being in each other’s lives as friends, as parents, as husband and wife.








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