Sharing my story

Welp, here goes nothing, folks!

I have been overwhelmed by gratitude for your undying support, interest and help throughout my cancer treatment. Writing this blog for two years was truly a bright spot in a time in my life that I was challenged physically, mentally and spiritually — almost beyond my capacity. The kindness, love and positivity that were elicited from it got me through, unquestionably, the most difficult time in my life.  I learned more than I ever thought I could and grew in ways I didn’t know existed.

And now, I’ve decided to take my development a step further by writing a book.

Yep! My autobiography will not only share my story but will offer information about the lessons I learned and how they can have meaning and value in all our lives.

I have met with a woman who coaches authors and speakers, and I now have a direction and a focus. I’ll be using my blog posts as a launching pad. I am grateful that I took the path of writing to heal. It allowed me to process, in the moment, a wealth of experiences and information. And now, it provides me with a living diary — a sort of memory surrogate during the times of stress, brain fog and fatigue that I navigated during those two years.

I will update this blog as I progress in the writing process. Please join me on my path! I invite you to follow this blog and invite others to do the same. I also invite you to comment to offer your insight on:

your most memorable post

a theme that stood out to you

what you wondered that I never said

any other comments you wish.

Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated as I take on this project. I’m energized and ready! As always, thank you for being a part of it all.

“Fear can have a seat in the car, but it can’t drive.” — Liz Gilbert




2 thoughts on “Sharing my story

  1. What I found most memorable about your blog is that you always referred to it as a journey…not a disease to cure, that awful cancer, or the pain you were always in…yes, all those were true but it was always a journey. I also always loved how you embraced it, owned it and sought out positive treatments.

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