Grateful beyond measure



Wow! You guys are awesome. After my most recent post, in a matter of just a few days there were hundreds of views of my blog, countless comments on my Facebook post, several inbox messages, texts and even some new blog followers — all in support of my book. That is amazing! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you all so much.

Cause for Celebration

Yesterday was a banner day in my recovery. A full two and a half years after my diagnosis, the healing power of my body continues to amaze me. I won’t say why here — I’ve gotta leave something for the book!

The fledgling state

My book is unfolding smoothly. I have a preliminary foreword and introduction drafted, and I have a working title. I have developed a structure for the heart of it, and I have a pro tem table of contents in place. Now that the bones are established, I am ready to flesh out the body. I will begin that stage in earnest next week. For now, Zach is on Spring Break, and I’m taking full advantage of our time together. So far, we’ve hit two state parks and have plans for the Raptor Center and Latta Plantation. The weather is perfect, and he is willing to indulge his mom on these adventures, so off we go!

Because book writing is so new to me, I have no idea how the process will play out or how long it will take. But I do know that I feel inspired by the encouragement I continue to receive. I know that I am on a path that is good and true, and I will follow it wherever it leads.

Be a follower!

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