I’m writing a book

Just a few months ago, I started writing a book about my experience with cancer. I am so passionate about it.


Every time I sit down to write, I think of more that I want to write. I look at my blog posts and think, “How could I possibly leave that one out?” I have a swirl of ideas and words in my head constantly. But I feel like I don’t have enough time to sit down and write.

Then once I do, the words come slowly. They’re stiff. They’re not the “blog me” they’re the “book me,” and that just stinks. I want to sound like me. I want new readers to know the person and not just the story. All you folks already know the person behind the experience of cancer treatment. Now I need to find a way to introduce her to the rest of the world. Gulp.

Time for a pep talk:

Dear Book Erika, 



You can do this. 

It’s a book. You CHOSE this. This is fun, right? You’ve done far more difficult things than tap keys and hit save. Do what you do best, girl. Tell it like it is. And let your voice shine through. 

There is no timer on this. You finish the first draft when you finish the first draft. NO ONE else cares when you get it ready. The journey is the destination. 

You got this. 

With much love,

Blog Erika

Thanks for listening, everyone. I just remembered an Italian saying that goes, “Parle come mangia.” It means, “Speak like you eat.” Which is to say, with gusto. And so I will adopt this brief, funny, quirky mantra that perfectly sums up the quintessential Italian way of life that I long to embrace. I’m going to go make it into a sign for my computer screen. Ciao!

Parle come mangia
That oughtta do it!



One thought on “I’m writing a book

  1. My grandmother used “Parle come Mangia” every time she served a meal. Write your book as it will be a positive journey for anyone with cancer and their loved ones.

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