Now we’re cooking!

Lots of good news!

Yesterday I took the Language Placement Test at UNC Charlotte. This test assessed my current level of skill in German, and scored me based on a scale of 5 classes. Each course has a point level associated, and that’s how they determine the course I should first take.

I scored into the third level, aka Intermediate German I. That means that as long as I get at least an 80% for the semester, I will receive credit for Elementary German I & II as well.

Upon further scrutiny this morning, I now understand that I scored moderately high for level 3. The range is 343-424 for level 3, and my score is 404. I’m feeling pretty confident and comfortable with this placement. I am sure that some parts will be review and other parts will be new, which puts my mind at ease. I feel like I’ll be learning new things without being in over my head.

The second bit of good news is that I found out this morning that the University has opened two new sections of the classes I need: German Int. I and The Holocaust through German Literature and Film. And they’re offered on Mon/Wed, back to back. Score!

Secondly, the Holocaust class is taught by a native German speaking woman who works with a 95-year-old Auschwitz survivor who will be a guest in class at times during the semester. A first-hand account is something I feel privileged to receive. I’m beside myself.

Classes will start for me on August 21. So I have plenty of time to get my books, parking permit and squeaky new shoes. I gotta say, I am still a school nerd. I showed up for the test half an hour early, brought my German grammar book and studied in the lobby. I made sure to bring all of the info I’d need to log into the test (student ID#, student email and password), and I sat up front. I’d like to think that I can chill and not be so eager, but who am I kidding? Some things never change.

Doctor’s appointment

I had my check up with my oncologist last Friday. Because of my status as having a complete pathological response to chemotherapy (grateful in perpetuity for this), scans are not something I need (grateful in perpetuity for this, as well). I do need to be followed and examined regularly, however.

That all went great.

My doctor is very happy with how I am progressing. She’s even quite surprised by some of my progress. She did hear a minor decrease in breath sounds on my left side so she ordered a chest x-ray which I had done immediately following the appointment.

I got a call from the office this morning saying there is an opacity in my lower left lung which indicates a previous inflammation that is healing. I haven’t had pneumonia or any chest infection (that I’ve been aware of). But it’s there nonetheless. She said it’s not concerning and that she will follow up with another x-ray at my next appointment to make sure that it completely resolves.

Also at this appointment, we discussed changing my appointment frequency from every four months to every six months. All positive signs that things are heading in the right direction.

I feel fantastic. I’m energetic, eating well (understatement of the century) and moving freely. My resting heart rate is normal again, and I can exercise like I want to.

Sweet sixteen

Zach turned 16 on Sunday. It was a fun weekend in Asheville for all of us. Michael did his second Spartan Super on Saturday then we celebrated Zach’s birthday with gifts, dinner out at Haus Heidelberg and followed up by birthday treats. On Sunday, my bestie joined us for hiking, sushi and Ashevill-ing.




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